Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Well, that bites.

Are we too lovey-dovey over here at the Sonoma County Peer Outreach Coalition? I mean seriously, all this talk about oxytocin and bonding and cuddling? I think someone just shouted "Get a room!"

If our last topic really wasn't your scene, here's a new trend you can really sink your teeth into. All puns aside, have you heard of love bites? This teen trend spawned by the "Twilight" series and the population's obsession with vampires is taking hickeys one step further. Teens are slowing affection and ownership of friends and significant others by biting the skin, leaving a mark, and possibly drawing blood. According to teens interviewed for the CBS News story, love bites are "a way to belong to somebody," to mark one's territory, and to show love and devotion to each other.

Um, ouch? What happened to hand-holding and kissing? I don't remember biting my friends when "Interview With The Vampire" came out in theaters!

Since we are all about the teen health here at the POC, here's something else for you to chew on (last pun, I promise!): whenever you expose yourself to blood, you expose yourself to blood-borne diseases such as HIV, and hepatitis B and C. Nothing like showing your love for a friend by giving them a disease, right?

What do you think of this emerging trend? Do you bite your friends or does this trend just bite?

Alright, alright. No more puns....

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