Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A blog from our leader Alexis Vargas : Hugs not Drugs

According to the American Academy Child and Adolescent Psychiatry the five drugs most used by teens are marijuana, prescription drugs, ecstasy, inhalants, cocaine and heroin. Many teenagers start using drugs at a very young age because they want to look good in front of their friends worried that they might not fit in or it may just be curiosity.What teens are not aware of are the short and long term consequences.

Cocaine, restricts blood flow to the brain, speeds up the heart rate and causes blood clotting, which increases the possibility of having a stroke or a heart attack. Cocaine also limits the body’s ability to fight infections. Not only that, but the user is also in greater risk of having hepatitis, sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/Aids. On the other hand heroin causes collapsed veins, bacterial infection of the blood vessels and heart valves, including kidney and liver disease.

Some teenagers think that marijuana is not a big deal and does not affect the body. In fact, it causes breathing problems, including coughing and wheezing. It also increases the possibility of chest colds. Heavy daily use of marijuana affects parts of the brain that control memory, attention and learning. Furthermore, those who take inhalants suffer from heart failure. Inhalants also cause suffocation, muscle weakness, lack of coordination and can seriously hurt vital organs.

Finally, one of the reasons why prescribed drugs are commonly abused by teens is because it is easy to obtain. Using prescribed drugs for the wrong reasons can lead to vomiting, mood changes, decreased ability to think and can also decrease respiratory function. Now that you are aware of the consequences that drugs bring make the right choice and stay drug free.

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