Sunday, September 11, 2011

Guest Blog by Peer Leader Pablo Cruz, Daily Routine: How Long Until We Fall?

It seems to me that stress is controlling many students’ lives, especially those from high school and college. It begins from the very second we get up to that noisy alarm clock. One of my good friends said “I hate waking up to the alarm clock. It feels like it pierces through my body.”

As a student my days begin with stress. I rush to eat breakfast and to get my supplies ready. As soon as I arrive to school parking is a hassle and I fear that I will be late for class. While walking at a fast paste I can already hear my professor saying, “my class started minutes ago why are you late?” But I finally make it to class and the teacher mentions “how was the reading? ...okay good, because we’re having a quiz.”

Even when I am sitting without the exam in front of me, I tend to freak out as the anxiety starts to overwhelm my body like a starving dog. Even though I made it to class at the end of the day, I tend to be both mentally and physically drained, and maybe even emotionally.

Even when the school day is over the stress continues as some students rush home, eat a snack, and get ready to drive to work. After 4-6 hours of work, it is finally time to go home tired, hungry, sleepy, and exhausted. It is time to rest. But the reality is that there is no time to rest due to homework. Then suddenly it is about midnight, maybe or sometimes even 2 a.m. With only 5-7 hours of sleep a day students tend to wake up exhausted and once again the stress is talking control.

I write this to try and give a pat on the back to all students, great job! School is not easy for everyone and we have to always relax, take a break, and be patient. Stay active in some sort of exercise and most importantly, sleep and smile.

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